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About me

I, Rebecca Migdal, am an author, artist, puppeteer, activist, animator and reformed loose cannon.

Much of my creative work is based on weirdly vivid dreams I’ve had. This has resulted in some unforgivable puns.

Thus far I have managed to keep on living the kind of life and doing the kind of work that’s impossible to reduce into a “marketable brand.” This is what we in the underground world call “not selling out.”

It’s okay, though. I only find myself complaining about it on occasions like this, when it is sure to be an embarrassment.

I recently moved to Easton, Pennsylvania with my bestie Andy, where we live in an oversized house with a motley family of puppets.

Rebecca Migdal with her Artemis puppet
That’s me, Rebecca Migdal, with my Artemis puppet, on the way to the Women’s March in Washington DC.