Upcoming Events

May 5-6, 2023, Women & Myth Conference,
The Waters of Life: Exploring Water Mythos, Divinity, Beings, & Ecology

The Association for the Study of Women & Mythology 2023 Conference
Crowne Plaza, Syracuse New York

Saturday May 6
Panel 13: Seas of Inspiration: Myths and Sacred Stories for
Young People

• María Suárez Toro, ”Literary Creation of a Matriarchal Ancestral
Character to Tell Stories”
• Rebecca Migdal Kilicaslan, “Improvisational Puppet Theater as
a Space for Alchemical Transformation of Myth”

• Sarah Chandler

May 13, 2023, BAAPT Workshop

Monthly Program, Bay Area Association for Psychological Type (BAAPT)
(Zoom event for members and guests)

9:00 AM- 12:30 PM
Rebecca Migdal  
Activating Unconscious Functions Consciously Through Dream Work

July 27-30 2023 JSSS Conference
Jung and the Numinous: Art, Science and Psyche

Jungian Society for Scholarly Studies
Double Tree Hotel, Asheville NC

Rebecca Migdal Kilicaslan
Desire, Death and Rebirth: Dreaming Abraxas to Life
(Schedule tba)