Ritual-Wedding-I-Rebecca Miigdal

The Dream

She looks at the boy, fascinated and frightened by what she realizes is a supernatural quality about him. He surely has powers beyond that of a mortal, she thinks…

And yet he is also a victim, she is sure: a sore spot, an eruption from the lesion on the underside of humanity, a force arisen out of the collective pain. He is the child prostitute, drug addict and porn plaything, whose powers are infused out of others’ desire, while he feels none: acting out the fantasies of others, lit in a godlike radiance.

I wrote these words in my dream journal in January of 1996, describing the mysterious figure that swept me away on a journey back into the realms of the subconscious, where the true power behind my artistic vision lay waiting for me to activate it.

Nine months later I would rediscover my account of the terrifying yet wondrous dream, one which would truly change my life forever, without my even being aware of it.

Out of that inspiration came first Zombie Punk, then Who Killed Luke Mandrake? and the entire epic story of The Goddammerung, the battle of the sexes of the gods.