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The first novel in The Goddammerung series, Who Killed Luke Mandrake?, is written! It is divided into two volumes, Famebeau and Funeral For a Zombie.

The comic book it’s based upon is currently available for purchase on Indiebound. You can subscribe to my Patreon feed to read both the comic and the novel in weekly installments. Each installment ofWho Killed Luke Mandrake? features a brand-new illustration like the one above.

There’s even an audiobook version available–it’s worth listening to it just to hear Andy Laties’ shakuhachi transitions.

A picaresque, supernatural journey through a 90’s sub-pop-culture of fame, sex, drugs, music and gender identity, Zombie Punk is the opening act of my epic series, The Goddammerung. Drawing upon archetypal figures, the novel explores how the dynamics between culture and the realm of the subconscious reflect the evolution of sexual identities, artistic expression, social realities and the potential of the human spirit to move toward love.


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